Published qoutations

- Klipper du aldrig tånaglarna, Morgan?
- Äh, jag är en enkel människa.
En stark äventyrsresa med Morgan och Ola-Conny

- Who are you?
I´ve been mowering your lawn for the last twelve years
- I didn´t recognize you without the lawn under you
I don´t take it with me
- I did right to trust it with you then
Family Guy

Grisar är lite skitiga. Dom måste man greja lite med.
Men dom där fina tjurarna kan man äta som dom är...
Felix, beundrande boskap i Inveraray

Can I going here and slow en drill?
Ola-Conny, En stark resa...

I don´t care twice as much as I have never cared before
Frank, Mash

Now the spirits circle around my bed and they tell me to dance.
I tell 'em, "Tough guys don't dance."
They answer me, "Keep dancing."
Norman Mailer

"I will sprinkle pepper on her body and sneeze all over her"
Gen. Melchett, Blackadder

"I may shake your hand, but I wont know your name.
The joke in your language don´t come out the same"
Tom Petty

"It´s a local shop for local people. There´s nothing for you here" "
Local shop, League of gentlemen

"Can I help you at all?"
Local shop, League of Gentlemen

"I´m passing sleeping cities, faded by degree, not believing all I see to be so.
I´m flying over backyards, country homes and ranches, watching life between the branches below..."
Tom Petty

"Yesterday upon the stair I met a man who wasn´t there. He wasn´t there again today. Oh, how I wish he´d go away"
William Hughes Mearns (Antigonish)

"People often mistake me for being absent"
Father Mulcahy, MASH

"There´s nothing quite like urinating out in the open"
Special Agent Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks

"Why can´t I"
Jonathan Livingston Seagull

"He can´t dive with three barrels. Not with three barrels he can´t."
Quint, Jaws

"It´s down there somewhere - let me take another look "
Jeff Bridges, The Big Lebowski

"Nice little nothing you´re almost wearing"
Sean Connery, James Bond - Diamonds are forever

"My heart has joined the thousand for my friend stopped running today"
Richard Adams

"Vi har haft salt i pepparkaret hela mitt liv"
Felix Gross Harrison